Vector Flow Mapping (VFM)

Vector Flow Mapping (VFM) is a novel application that allows users to assess cardiovascular blood flow distribution in an observation plane. This unique, non invasive technique, is derived from the Color Doppler velocity data and generates the velocity fields on the 2D image. Until now only data received in the direction of the beam were extracted from the Doppler information. By using new mathematical methods we are able to estimate the radial (perpendicular) component and display the flow distribution without angle dependency.

This quantification tool allows to visualise, measure and analyse different parameters from the blood flow distribution such as:

  • Velocity Vectors, Flow Stream Lines and Vortices
  • Vectors Profiles, and Flow Profiles, Normal and ParallelVelocity Profiles
  • Velocity, Flow and Time Flow Curves
  • Maximum Vortex Flow rate
  • Half Area Vortex Flow rate
  • Diameter and Radius of the Vortex Half Area
  • Vortex Intensity Qmax
  • And more …

The VFM application is embedded with new improvements like:

  • VFM Quantitative Index (Vortex Intensity Index)
  • Mean vector display
  • New ergonomics (spline trace, mask reset area…)

This new Quantitative Analysis Software will be particularly useful for analysing the hemodynamic of blood flow in the Left Ventricle and has great potential for quantitative diagnosis of cardiac functions and LV performance.

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