eTRACKING - Comprehensive analysis package supporting the assessment of Atherosclerosis

The severity of Cardiovascular disease is likely to be reduced if atherosclerosis is detected early and before morphologic changes such as plaque and wall thickening are visible in the arterial walls. Prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases are increasingly important today, and so the role of the ultrasound diagnostic system is not only to observe the morphologic changes but also to perform functional assessment. FUJIFILM realized functional assessment of arteries by developing our unique eTRACKING technology.

eTRACKING achieves highly precise measurements of the vessel distension in real time, using radio frequency (RF) signals. Conventionally, vessel diameters are measured visually on B-mode and M-mode images, this can lead to variations in the measurement because it is difficult to know time-dependent changes in the vessel diameter on B-Mode. Furthermore it is difficult to identify exact timing for the measurement of the maximum and minimum diameter. To overcome these problems in measuring vessel diameter, eTRACKING has been developed and implemented in a diagnostic Ultrasound system.

eTRACKING Features

  • Movement of the vessel wall is tracked automatically by simply setting the tracking gate on the B-mode image.
  • Calculates vessel diameter very accurately by using the RF signal. The 10 MHz probe achieves 0.01 mm accuracy.
  • Displays waveforms of changes in vessel diameter (distension wave) in real time.
  • Automatically calculates various parameters describing vessel stiffness, and displays the results.
  • Easier to operate than conventional methods, applicable to routine examination and shortens examination time.
  • Non-invasive examinations allow easier and faster repetition.

Measurement Screen

Analysis Screen