Eco-friendly MRI systems – for people and planet

Have you ever considered the ecological footprint of your MRI?

You can, indeed, make a difference. Contribute not only to a healthier society, but also to a healthier planet with MRI that need little power consumption. We have optimized our high-field superconductive systems with stand-by modes and zero boil-off; while our
low-field permanent magnet MRI solutions give you the best blend of sustainability and image quality by nature.

And the best of all: reducing your ecological footprint also means less operational costs. So, why not save the world and save money
at the same time?

Reduce your ecological footprint with our high-field, superconductive MRI

  • Zero boil-off, allowing normal operation without helium refill.
  • Power saving mode that reduces energy consumption by up to 17% in operation.
  • Standby mode that uses almost no power.
  • Reduced heat discharge in the equipment room.

Choose the low-field, permanent MRI for highest sustainability

  • No cooling necessary, saving helium, power and water.
  • Maximum power consumption of 5 kW, and none at all when switched off.
  • A required power supply of only 9.5 kVA.
  • A lifetime of high performance, with minimal extra maintenance or replacement needed.

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