for high-speed examinations

Our SynergyDrive Suite improves your MRI efficiency by automating, accelerating and simplifying key processes. Get quick and consistent results coupled with high image quality - and increased patient throughput. The result: a better patient and user experience.

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for high quality and speed imaging

'REALISE Plus' optimizes image quality to match high levels of detail, clarity and precision. It provides you with more accurate and confident quality patient care in your daily challenges.

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for quiet examinations

SoftSound significantly reduces noise levels when scanning. It will not only improve the patients’ experience, but also enable you to treat more patients. You’ll benefit from a variety of silent sequences – with no compromise on image quality.

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for motion-free images

Whatever type of MRI study you need: you can conduct it with our industry-leading motion compensation technique. Reduce motion artefacts with no limitations in anatomy, hardware or application.

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for speed & quality

Why compromise when you can have both? Cut your examination times in half and maintain excellent image quality with our Iterative Reconstruction-based technology.

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for hemodynamic analysis

Now you can perform non-contrast angiography exams with this unique FUJIFILM technology. Diagnose brain vascularization vessel-by-vessel in a safe and non-invasive way.

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for carotid plaque analysis

Evaluate carotid plaque with our unique, non-invasive quantification – in colour! It’s based on our unparalleled RADAR technology.

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Eco-friendly solutions
for people and planet

If you’re looking to save energy (and money), our systems feature low power consumption, with no water cooling - and an EcoMode.

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