Eco-friendly CT
systems - for people
and planet

Have you ever considered the ecological footprint of your CT?

Did you know that a CT consumes the most power while in stand-by mode? It’s exactly why we’ve designed on-time and off-time stand-by modes to give you the perfect blend of sustainability and system performance. And best of all? A reduced ecological footprint equals lower operational costs.

So, why not start saving the world and saving money at the same time?

Reduce power between scans during the day

Naturally, your CT scanner functions at full-spin during an examination. But it needs less electricity between scans – which is where our On-Time Standby mode comes into play. It reduces power consumption by up to 18% by automatically switching off all unnecessary consumption after a short time of inactivity. That’s what we call efficient.

Drastically reduce power consumption overnight

Once you close your clinic for the day, your system switches into Off-Time Standby mode. The gantry power is turned off, and you can reduce power consumption overnight by up to 70%. Then, when you open your clinic the next day, it’s already started up again: ready when you are.

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