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FUJIFILM is the global leader in open MRI, worldwide, and has state-of-the-art, permanent magnet technology in more than 4,000 installations. All of our open MRI systems minimise direct and indirect power consumption, with magnets and gradients which optimise efficiency. All FUJIFILM permanent systems perform at the highest level of diagnostic imaging, without the aid of a costly water cooling unit.

All FUJIFILM magnets are developed to have the lowest-possible weight for its field strength, making them easy to accommodate. Our specialised project mangers tailor MRI solutions, during early stages of the decision cycle, and maintain customer clarity. Every location is checked and evaluated by MRI specialists and structural engineers, to ensure easy siting.

A site survey is carried out for each system and then our project management ensures that the installation itself runs smoothly and efficiently. Every MRI system is installed to fulfil the manufacturer's and customer's requirements without compromises now and in the future.

Echelon has RADAR imaging, the most advanced technology, to acquire diagnostic images of uncooperative patients. It can be applied in all slice-plane orientations and to all coils.

The Echelon also employs RAPID imaging, our state-of-the-art parallel-imaging technology, reducing scan times without compromising SNR, CNR or patient motion.

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