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iViz™: Ultrasound at your fingertips

Recent advancements in the field of portable and wireless medical devices have been beneficial in catering to the increasing need for advanced healthcare services. These devices find wide applications in monitoring, medical therapeutics, diagnosis, and wellness.1

The global market for handled units has encountered significant development over the recent years and is expected to grow tremendously over the next ten years.

Ultrasound is a common non-invasive diagnostic technique, which aids in the visualization of internal organs using high-frequency sound waves. The conventional cart-based ultrasound instruments are bulky, cost-intensive, and lack of portability limits their usage in emergency situations outside the healthcare setting.1

Recently, Fujifilm unveiled their iViz™ wireless pocket-size ultrasound system, which offers a non-invasive internal visualization at any time, any place. It is an AI-powered, fast, and accurate system that comes with a fast-booting time, a long-lasting battery, and a tablet display unit for on-the-spot imaging analysis to guide diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic interventions. This device is mainly aimed at doctors offering point of care or paramedics for emergency medical care. Due to the use of wireless technology, this device avoids the diagnostic disturbances caused by cable disconnection as well as help minimize the risk of infections. Its portability feature reduces the wait time before the examination as well as the stress of moving patients from one room to another based on device location.

iViz wireless™  -  Winner of the “Red Dot Best of the Best Award: Product Design 2022”
organized by the Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG. in Essen, Germany.

This device can be used for point-of-care diagnostic evaluations in a myriad of situations: emergency departments, critical care units, home care, during natural disaster emergencies such as earthquakes, for military use, as well as smaller medical/paramedical centers that lack space for the cart-based device. A myriad of people can also use it, such as doctors, paramedical professionals, nurses, physiotherapists, and students.

iViz™ wireless offers industry-leading innovative technology with the combined advantages of automatic bladder urine volume function, peripheral venous puncture mode, lung scan guide based on BLUE or POCUS protocols, and rectum scan guide.

Fujifilm has obtained encouraging feedback for this device in terms of ease-of-use, image quality, lightweight, and pocket-friendliness.2 For example, the various well-designed and easy-to-use software options, such as AI-powered Auto Bladder volume, which offer assistance during home visits or ward exams. Another option, the Lung Guide, helps follow the protocol and easily scores lung US with graphic guidance, offering nice support for the Covid Departments, based on the current medical scenario. Also mentioned as a big advantage of the instrument was that it had a fast-booting time and was ready within minutes while the doctor examined the patient.

The iViz™ wireless ultrasound system device is a highly innovative device with numerous qualities such as portability, wireless system, and a long-lasting battery. Unlike other ultrasound devices, the iViz™ can be used anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready to have this mobile ultrasound solution right at your fingertips? To learn more about the iViz™ pocket-friendly handheld ultrasound device, let’s talk!


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Please refer to the operator manual/Instructions for Use and the related documents for appropriate use of this product.

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Anne-Laure Jet

International Product Manager Ultrasound
Febuary 2022