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At Fujifilm, we have designed advanced medical technologies specifically with pediatrics in mind. In particular, we have developed solutions that help to facilitate and speed up examinations within the realm of cardiovascular ultrasound, thus making them more comfortable and convenient for younger patients. The ARIETTA™ 750 provides advanced diagnostic performance for pediatrics at a flexible price.

Advanced imaging is a critical component to many medical fields such as cardiology. With pediatrics specifically, one must consider additional factors when selecting an imaging machine. Pediatric patients, for example, have unique medical and comfort considerations that require a proper machine with unique functionalities. The ARIETTA 750 aims to address these needs with solutions that help to both facilitate and speed up examinations, thus making them more convenient for the younger patients.

The ARIETTA 750 imaging functionalities are state-of-the-art. It features pure symphonic architecture technology, which captures high-quality sound that is transmitted from the transducer to the monitor. The eFocusing transmission and reception technology produces clear imaging in both the near and far fields, allowing for less dependency on focus and patients. Carving imaging technology allows physicians to more quickly identify abnormalities and coronary patterns. This can often be complicated to do in pediatric patients, but the ARIETTA 750 allows for improved coronary delineation and accuracy. These features also help to project images via new image processing technology that allows for improved tissue structure and visibility.

The ARIETTA 750 is optimal for cardiovascular imaging as it can provide efficient diagnostic information. There are various features incorporated into its advanced imaging technology, such as with the R-R navigation and Dual Gate Doppler. The Dual Gate Doppler can measure two separate sample waves from the same heat cycle at the same time, which can be particularly advantageous for diagnosis of diastolic function for pediatric patients. LVeflow can aid in the detection of low flows in the ventricle, while also providing an improved visibility of the myocardium border.

The ARIETTA 750 also provides an innovative approach to workflow, making imaging examinations more convenient for the provider. The ARIETTA 750 includes a 10.4-inch touch panel screen, cable management, and a security box for an improved user experience.

With regards to comfort and structure, the ARIETTA 750 features transducers that are sized and have a wide range of frequency specifically for pediatric patients.  The machine is ergonomically designed to help reduce patient burden and provide a comfortable examination environment. Doing such can make examinations easier for younger patients, who may be more sensitive to the discomfort and timeliness of imaging procedures.

Any pediatric cardiologist will understand the need for more rapid, accurate exams when working with younger patients. Therefore, it is important to select an imaging machine that is precise, fast, and convenient to use. The ARIETTA 750 and its specifications make it a great choice for any pediatric cardiology practice. It is both user friendly and comfortable while also providing high-quality imaging.