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Modern technologies in open permanent MR systems

Renata Krawczyk | International Application Team Leader MR/CT, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | November 2021FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe is a market leader in open magnetic resonance imaging. Since the first system shown in 1983, the company has consistently developed a line of open, patient-friendly, and environmentally friendly systems. More than 9,000 such open MR systems with magnetic field strength from 0.2T to 0.4T have been installed worldwide. The company is constantly developing the product, introducing new technologies and software solutions.


How Fujifilm highlights the importance of Women’s Health by offering a complete range of solutions

Luca Mastrogirolamo | European Clinical Applications Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | October 2021Women experience various diseases and conditions during their life owing to their distinct gender-based physiological characteristics or socio-cultural discrimination. Such “reproductive health-based conditions” constitute a major cause of morbidity and mortality of women worldwide. According to WHO, in 2017, approximately 810 women died daily from preventable pregnancy-related causes, 94% of which belonged to low- and middle-income countries1. In 2020, 685,000 women died of breast cancer worldwide2. Additionally, in 2017, heart disease was a leading cause of death in women in the United States3.


Diagnostic imaging workflow technologies to streamline operations of CT & MRI

Janos Esztergalyos | CT/MR Product Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | August 2021The past few years have seen a significant increase in patient load, mainly due to changing demographics, among other factors. Additionally, since diagnostic imaging is a highly competitive market, there has been a steady decline in the respective reimbursement plans due to immense pressure and increased workload.


Artificial intelligence for quick and precise echocardiography

Saki Ochiai | European Clinical Applications Manager Cardiovascular | July 2021The quantification and efficiency of performing measurements can be a challenge in daily cardiac ultrasound examinations. Providing the right support for reliable quantification and exam efficiency is needed so each user can perform a high-quality examination. In other words, our goal is to help sonographers and physicians obtain consistent measurement results in a short amount of time.


Top 4 advantages of Low-field Open MRI systems over high-field alternatives

Janos Esztergalyos | CT/MR Product Manager | May 2021 Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the fastest-growing diagnostic techniques that utilize magnetic field gradients to generate images. Currently, a 10.5 T system represents the world’s strongest MRI scanner that has been used on humans. The high-field MRIs use superconductive magnets whose cost-intensiveness, higher maintenance, and physiological side-effects have paved the way for the reconsideration of the low-field MRI systems, which use permanent magnets.

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