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Echelon Smart - the intelligent 1.5 Tesla

Renata Krawczyk | International Application Team Leader MR/CT, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | April 2022 Fujifilm has consistently pursued its idea of MRI systems that are patient-, user-, radiologist-, and eco-friendly. Regardless of the magnetic field strength and the technology used to achieve it, our systems offer high quality while using a variety of techniques to eliminate patient stress and associated potential problems such as motion artifacts, the need to repeat sequences, or in extreme cases, the inability to perform the examination.


iViz™: Ultrasound at your fingertips

Recent advancements in the field of portable and wireless medical devices have been beneficial in catering to the increasing need for advanced healthcare services. These devices find wide applications in monitoring, medical therapeutics, diagnosis, and wellness.


Are medical examinations stressful for little patients? Not anymore, with the help of Little Lucy!

To undergo an MRI scan can be a stressful experience for paediatric patients. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be that way. Preparing the children for the upcoming scan is an important element to mitigate stress, fear, and anxiety. How? With a little help of the young patients’ new best friend: Little Lucy.


Open magnetic resonance systems and their role in a changing world 

Renata Krawczyk | International Application Team Leader MR/CT, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | November 2021Fujifilm's open magnetic resonance systems are a response to a changing society – in Europe and in the whole world. There are more and more of us, we are getting older, we are getting fatter, we have more and more physical and mental health problems. How to provide adequate medical care to an increasing number of patients with special requirements? Patients with obesity, for whom the standard closed system is "too small", patients with claustrophobia who run away from the room just after looking at the "tunnel", or elderly patients for whom the comfort of the examination, the possibility of contact with somebody during the procedure is the most important. The increasing availability of MR examination means that children are increasingly referred to this examination. These are groups that, although often overlooked and treated as niche, will constitute a growing percentage of patients in MR systems.


Modern technologies in open permanent MR systems

Renata Krawczyk | International Application Team Leader MR/CT, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | November 2021FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe is a market leader in open magnetic resonance imaging. Since the first system shown in 1983, the company has consistently developed a line of open, patient-friendly, and environmentally friendly systems. More than 9,000 such open MR systems with magnetic field strength from 0.2T to 0.4T have been installed worldwide. The company is constantly developing the product, introducing new technologies and software solutions.


The Frontier of Fusion-Image Ultrasound

Prof. Huang Kai-Wen & Dr. Too Chow WeiGain useful tips and insights from the experts, Prof. Huang Kai-Wen and Dr. Too Chow Wei, as they discuss how advanced fusion imaging techniques can increase the efficacy of interventional procedures and improve surgical precision. Real-time intraoperative visualisation of lesions, blood flows and vascular structures are crucial to successful surgery!


Technical Report: SWM for Liver Fibrosis Staging

Cirrhosis is the endstage result of a variety of diffuse liver diseases that lead to progressive fibrosis ending in an architectural distortion of the liver.


How Fujifilm highlights the importance of Women’s Health by offering a complete range of solutions

Luca Mastrogirolamo | European Clinical Applications Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | October 2021Women experience various diseases and conditions during their life owing to their distinct gender-based physiological characteristics or socio-cultural discrimination. Such “reproductive health-based conditions” constitute a major cause of morbidity and mortality of women worldwide. According to WHO, in 2017, approximately 810 women died daily from preventable pregnancy-related causes, 94% of which belonged to low- and middle-income countries1. In 2020, 685,000 women died of breast cancer worldwide2. Additionally, in 2017, heart disease was a leading cause of death in women in the United States3.


Fusion Imaging Ultrasound: Pushing the Precision Limit

Mr. Jeff Peng & Dr. Shih-Jer HsuHow can you achieve next-level surgical precision? Learn the basics of fusion-imaging and its useful applications in interventional procedures from the experts at Asia-Pacific Academia of Mini-Invasive Intervention and Oncology, as well as the National Taiwan Unversity Hospital.
Lecture 1:
The Principle of Real-time Virtual Sonography - Mr. Jeff Peng
Lecture 2:
The Clinical Application of Fusion-Image Ultrasound - Dr. Shih-Jer Hsu


From the basics of breast ultrasonography to utilising Real-time Tissue Elastography

Dr. Ako ItohThe diagnostic performance of breast ultrasonography has been enhanced recently by the combined use of Color Doppler and Elastography in addition to conventional B-mode image quality improvement.In this webinar, Dr. Itoh will explain the examination procedure of each method and how to apply the acquired information to make a diagnostics. Additionally Dr. Itoh will guide us through the actual practice of breast ultrasonography.


Diagnostic imaging workflow technologies to streamline operations of CT & MRI

Janos Esztergalyos | CT/MR Product Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe | August 2021The past few years have seen a significant increase in patient load, mainly due to changing demographics, among other factors. Additionally, since diagnostic imaging is a highly competitive market, there has been a steady decline in the respective reimbursement plans due to immense pressure and increased workload.


LISENDO 880 in a pediatric practice

Dr . Dewyani Chowdhury Dr . Dewyani Chowdhury is a pediatric cardiologist with a small practice in Central Pennsylvania, USA. They see about 4'000 patients a year, and many of them are from the Amish or anabaptist community. We have asked her about how the LISENDO 880 echocardiology solution has helped her improve patient care.


ARIETTA 750 opens the door to interventional radiology

Dr. Scevola ARIETTA 750 leads the way in interventional radiology. High image quality provides quick and efficient diagnoses and clarity on the details. Learn from Dr. Germano Scevola at Sandro Pertini Hospital in Rome how advanced tools such as Detective Flow Imaging (DFI) and CEUS support interventional procedures, namely biopsy, infiltration and fusion imaging.


LISENDO 880LE in a cardiovascular intensive care unit

Prof. Trambaiolo  Hear Prof. Trambaiolo from Sandro Pertini Hospital in Rome explaining why he appreciates working with LISENDO 880LE in his cardiovascular intensive care unit.


Microconvex Probe with Revolutionary Design

Dr. Hironori Tanaka Webinar with Dr. Hironori Tanaka, Takarazuka City Hospital Gastroenterology in Japan, featuring the ‘new microconvex probe C23’ with a revolutionary design’. This single crystal abdominal transducer delivers high image quality and offers an easy handling in daily routine examinations.


Artificial intelligence for quick and precise echocardiography

Saki Ochiai | European Clinical Applications Manager Cardiovascular | July 5th 2021The quantification and efficiency of performing measurements can be a challenge in daily cardiac ultrasound examinations. Providing the right support for reliable quantification and exam efficiency is needed so each user can perform a high-quality examination. In other words, our goal is to help sonographers and physicians obtain consistent measurement results in a short amount of time.


Top 4 advantages of Low-field Open MRI systems over high-field alternatives

Janos Esztergalyos | CT/MR Product Manager | May 2021 Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the fastest-growing diagnostic techniques that utilize magnetic field gradients to generate images. Currently, a 10.5 T system represents the world’s strongest MRI scanner that has been used on humans. The high-field MRIs use superconductive magnets whose cost-intensiveness, higher maintenance, and physiological side-effects have paved the way for the reconsideration of the low-field MRI systems, which use permanent magnets.


APERTO Lucent Open MRI - the perfect balance between patient comfort and performance

Alemar Immagini Diagnostiche Srl  Listen why this radiologist appreciates #APERTOLucent Open MRI with its



  • lightweight coils
  • AI based automatic patient positioning
  • motion artefact and fat reduction techniques
  • great workflow

APERTO Lucent Open MRI - open for geriatric patients

Alemar Immagini Diagnostiche Srl Hear about the comfortable experience of this elderly patient who had to undergo a lumbar spine examination performed with the Open MRI, APERTO Lucent.


APERTO Lucent Open MRI - open for claustrophobic patients

Alemar Immagini Diagnostiche Srl See and hear how this patient experienced a relaxed shoulder examination performed with #APERTOLucent Open MRI.


APERTO Lucent Open MRI - the choice when return on investment matters

Alemar Immagini Diagnostiche Srl Looking for the perfect mix of patient care, diagnostic functions and cost control? Hear why this customer in Italy chose the permanent, 0.4T fully open magnet APERTO Lucent, featuring


3D Robotic animation

Dr. Karim Discover L51K and L43K probes in robot assisted surgery, providing effortless 360˚ maneuverability for precise surgical control in difficult to reach areas. With thanks to Dr. Omer Karim, Portsmouth Hospitals University, NHS Trust


Non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis and steatosis with ultrasound

Dr. Ferraioli Dr. Giovanna Ferraioli, from Medical School Univesity of Pavia (Italy) explains how to assess liver fibrosis and steatosis non-invasively with ultrasound such as elastography, shear wave elastography or attenuation.


Interventional ultrasound meets super sensitive flow mapping

Dr. ScevolaUtrasound-guided, interventional procedures require the ability to distinguish necrotic from vital tissue. See how Dr. Scevola is using the novel technique DFI that allows super sensitive flow mapping that can signficantly improve procedure outcomes.


Differential diagnosis of parotid gland tumours with high-resolution detective flow imaging

Dr. ScevolaWhen sensitivity makes the difference you need to easily identify vessels in a parotid mucinous tumour. Listen to Dr. Scevola and the usefulness of DFI (Detective Flow Imaging) in his interventional practice.


Fibrilipid plaque detection in vascular ultrasound

Dr. ScevolaDr. Scevola explains how DFI (Detective Flow Imaging) can help to diagnose vascular diseases with ultrasound. See the dissection of a fibrilipid plaque by using a new high sensitivity and resolution flow mapping technique.


ARIETTA 750 - Advanced ultrasound ergonomics

Dr. ScevolaSonographers are continously exposed to repetitive movements that may lead to work-related musculoscelatal disorders. Dr. Scevola explains how the ergonomic design of the ARIETTA 750 ultrasound platform can help you reduce strain.


Empower your ultrasound with ARIETTA 750's Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

Dr. ScevolaHear Dr. G. Scevola from Sandro Pertini Hospital talking about his experience with the highly sensitive contrast harmonic imaging mode


Empowering your ultrasound with ARIETTA 750

Dr. ScevolaListen to Dr. Germano Scevola, Head of Interventional Radiology Department at Sandro Pertini Hospital, Rome, Italy and his broad experience in ultrasound, highlighting the new techologies of the ARIETTA 750 in his daily routine (contrast agent, interventional procedures, novel & highly sensitive blood flow imaging mode)


OASIS installed in Open MRI Zen

Dr. Veryser The Open MRI Zen Centre in Sluis, Netherlands, has a beautiful Open MRI OASIS installation. The scanner is completely open to the sides, without a tunnel design. It's especially beneficial for claustrophobic or obese patients - giving them the space and comfort they need. It also allows access during the scan, for example to calm a child or perform a biopsy.


ARIETTA 750 - Renal and fusion imaging

Prof. Correas At ECR 2020, Prof. Correas, MD PhD shared his vision on the next level of breakthrough technologies in ultrasound imaging - moving premium imaging features to Hitachi's high-end US system ARIETTA 750


Diverse and innovative imaging solutions taking you to the next level - ECR 2018 Symposium

Prof. Correas, Dr. Ferraioli, Dr. Figge Diverse and Innovative Imaging Solutions, creating new value through Innovation and Digital Technologies


Advances on fetal heart imaging and function assessment

Prof.  Carvalho Prof. Dr. Julene Carvalho from London, UK, talks about the quality of information we can get with ultrasound imaging in order to examine the fetal heart and asses cardiac function. While the anatomy of the heart hasn't change, the technologies with which we look at the heart certainly have. New imaging techniques help to get a clearer image, and thus clearer information. And new methods to assess cardiac function, like tissue Doppler or speckle tracking, advance cardiac function assessment. 


Live Fetal Heart Ultrasound  - Assessment and cardiac function analysis

Prof.  Carvalho Prof. Dr. Julene Carvalho from London, UK, performs a live ultrasound scan to demonstrate how she assesses a fetal heart and analyses cardiac function. This video was recorded in October 2019 with the support of Hitachi Medical Systems Europe. The session was delivered to an international audience during the 29th ISUOG World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), held in Berlin, Germany. 

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