Fujifilm to introduce ARIETTA™ DeepInsight™, a new cognitive ultrasound technology

Düsseldorf, 3rd March 2022 - FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe to preview two new models in the ARIETTA diagnostic ultrasound range at ECR 2022 Overture, an online event taking place on March 2-6, prior to exhibiting on site at ECR 2022 in Vienna on July 13-17.

The new ARIETTA ultrasound series – ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight and ARIETTA 650 DeepInsight – will be equipped with the novel DeepInsight cognitive ultrasound technology for the first time, opening up a new era that redefines ultrasound imaging as we know it.

FUJIFILM Healthcare has combined its long-standing technological know-how in conventional and cutting-edge ultrasound imaging with brand new DeepInsight technology to offer ultrasound imaging without inter-examiner and inter-patient variability, supporting more accurate ultrasound examinations.

Diagnostic ultrasound systems are recognised as indispensable tools in today’s clinical practice, allowing real-time visualisation of organs and, due to its non-invasive nature, a stress-free patient examination. With the number of elderly patients and lifestyle-related diseases increasing, ultrasound is used across a wide range of clinical disciplines for screening, diagnosis and treatment, as well as outpatient care and follow-up.

FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation released the world’s first diagnostic ultrasound system in 1960 and, in 2014, introduced the ARIETTA ultrasound brand based on proven technologies and expertise fostered over more than 50 years. Since 2017, the ARIETTA line has been developed further to include product concepts such as high image quality with the latest technologies, workflow improvement to reduce the burden of examiners, and unique applications.

“Fujifilm offers user-friendly systems and original solutions that exceed user requirements. As a leading manufacturer of ultrasound imaging systems, the company contributes to healthcare development and people’s wellbeing,” said Mr. Laurent Rapon, Head of Ultrasound at FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe.

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■ The two new ARIETTA DeepInsight ultrasound models are characterized by:

  • High definition and stable image quality without inter-examiner and inter-patient variability – ‘Pure Images’
  • Streamlined examination that improves workflow and reduces operator stress – ‘Seamless Workflows’
  • Rich applications to cover a wide range of clinical fields.


Additionally, they support comprehensive diagnoses of hepatic diseases such as hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis and hepatic cirrhosis, using:

  • Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)1 and Shear Wave Measurement (SWM)2, which colour-code and quantify tissue stiffness, respectively.
  • ATT (attenuation) function2, which measures the attenuation coefficient of the liver and estimates fatty liver, is expected to contribute to the early detection of hepatic diseases.


ARIETTA 850 DeepInsight

This premium ultrasound platform features:

  1. eFocusing PLUS, a technology that delivers homogenous high resolution images from near to far field. It reduces inter-examiner and inter-patient variability, and provides high definition imaging to the depth of the tissue.
  2. Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)2, an advanced application for treatment support. In addition, it allows ultrasound-guided treatments by overlaying real-time ultrasound scans onto CT or MRI images
  3. The ergonomically designed system features a flexible monitor arm and operator console offering a wide range of motion, reducing the operator burden during lengthy examinations.


ARIETTA 650 DeepInsight

This mid-high ultrasound platform features:

  1. eFocusing LITE, a technology that achieves both penetration and spatial resolution by means of full focusing, enhancing image homogeneity and sensitivity
  2. a compact body and operates on batteries, so it can be moved easily without turning the power off. This allows highly flexible examinations, regardless of the environment or clinical field.


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