OASIS VelocityTM – the only truly open,
high-field MRI with SynergyDriveTM

Oasis Velocity MRI

Designed to accomodate all your patients

  • Large opening with pleasant patient area lighting
  • MRI that accommodates all types of patients

Relaxed examinations for all shapes and sizes

  • Quiet, anxiety free examinations
  • Open and free patient view with extraordinary comfort

Easy for the operator – easy on the patient

  • Ultrawide lateral shift table that puts your patients right where you need them
  • Images free of artefacts thanks to our motion suppression technology

Seamless workflow for enhanced operator comfort

  • Automated scan positioning with SynergyDriveTM Suite for quick and easy examinations
  • Fully integrated coil system to streamline adjustments between scans

Excellent whole body imaging

  • A wide variety of sequences and clinical applications from head to toe
  • Superb image quality thanks to unique design features (side-slide table, workflow coils, SynergyDriveTM Automation Suite or high-speed scanning)

Open up and forget about
your MRI challenges

OASIS VelocityTM does it all

  • 🔆 High quality images
  • 🌫️ Seamless workflow
  • 🏃 Fast examinations
  • 🦾 High throughput
  • 🤫 Silent scans
  • 😊 Happy patients